Promotion to UKeiG Chairman!!

2 01 2013

At our last UKeiG meeting of the year on the 14th December there were several issues we needed to discuss, one of which was the election of a new Chairman, as Martin White was standing down. I was vice-chairman last year, and I quite like the role – you have the power, but a lot less responsibility, and the ability to be argumentative! With Martin’s departure I was hoping for some mystical person to put themselves forward to be Chairman, appearing from out of nowhere to save me from the role – and surprisingly (!), no-one did….

I have never been the sort to covet power (I’ve always been more the sort to heckle from the sidelines), so when no-one put their name forward I (slightly reluctantly) offered at the meeting to stand for Chairman, if anyone would vote for me. Now, I will be honest and admit that I was expecting to do this at the next meeting, as it was a small gathering to run through some essentials, but all of the other committee members raised their hands to vote for me at that moment! Now, while it was rather flattering, I have the daunting task of helping the committee guide UKeiG for the next year at least.

I am incredibly proud to have been voted in to this role, though. When I first graduated and stepped into the profession, I saw UKeiG as a shining light of professionalism and development for professionals. I attended one of Karen Blakeman‘s courses and realised that in order to get something out of a professional organisation, you have to give something too. I emailed Karen a while after to ask if there was anything she suggested and the next day was on my way to Birmingham to sit in on a meeting – and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since!

So if you have any thoughts on what you would like to see UKeiG offer in coming years, how you would like to be supported by a special interest group, or are interested in doing something for yourself professionally, I’d love to hear from you!




3 responses

2 01 2013
Charles Oppenheim

couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady!

2 01 2013
Janet Corcoran

Congratulations Megan – good luck keeping them all in order!

8 01 2013
Megan Roberts

Thank you both!

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